Jon Shea

Jon Shea graduated from UNCC in 2006 with B.S. in Computer Science. In 2010, he took on the role of [M28] Director. Jon loves Jesus, his wife Laura, his sons Jack, Owen, and Jude, and college students. Hit him up! He'd love to sit down and chat.

Cell: 704-995-3375

Samuel Scarlett
[Assistant Director]

Samuel graduated from UNCC in 2018 with a B.S. in Accounting. He served as an intern with [M28] for two and a half years, and in 2021 he took on the role of Assistant Director. He's currently studying at Reformed Theological Seminary. He loves Jesus and reading good books. Hit him up! 

Cell: ‭828-447-9226‬

Alli Pongetti

Alli graduated from UNCC in 2021 with a B.S. in Psychology. She served as a Community Group and Freshmen Bible Study leader with [M28] for a year and a half, and in 2021 she stepped into the role of an intern of [M28]. She's currently at UNCC for her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counsleing. She loves Jesus, a deep conversation, and painting. Hit her up because she would love to get coffee with you!

Cell: 224-308-0771